General Motors – “Cruising” Along With New Technology

General Motors is one of the world leaders in the field of hybrid car technology, but this should not surprise anyone. After all, GM Research & Development was the world’s first car research center founded in the early 1920s by Charles F. Kettering. GM’s research and development teams based in Warren, Michigan, are working on their new technologies and innovations in 6 laboratories and 6 research bureaus. Researchers work with teams from a dozen countries, countless universities, and government groups to provide GM with an edge in new automotive technologies.

Gm has made great strides in fuel cell car technology for beginners:

The researchers have reduced the likelihood of freezing in cold weather in Hy-wire based on hydrogen fuel cells. This car does not have many traditional auto parts, such as an internal combustion engine, dashboard or pedals, but it does have energy derived from its hydrogen fuel cell. GM also developed the AUTOnomy concept car, which is another hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

General Motors loves to try to stay competitive, and one of the ways they can be one step ahead of their competitors is through research and development: you can’t sell a car if you don’t give people what they want. Chevy Cobalt sales grew by 16%, and GM hopes to maintain this series when they announce their new addition – the Chevy Cruze at the Paris Motor Show in a few weeks. The Cruze will be a global compact car and will be built at GM’s Ohio plant. The Cruze will be marketed as another of GM’s economy cars, close to the Cobalt sales point of 33 mpg highway. General Motors is investing a staggering $ 500 million in the development and debut of this new line of cars.

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The company also announced that it is currently working with the Electricity Research Institute (EPRI) to speed up and make possible the introduction of more electric vehicles. It is amazing that cars can become more affordable when you consider that the price for them is about 1/5 of the cost of driving on a gasoline vehicle. GM received a grant from the US Department of Energy to create a “demo” program. Also, work is underway on the electric vehicle of increased range, which will appear in car dealerships by the end of 2010.


Along with all the research on reducing dependence on non-renewable fuel sources, GM also worked on other considerations. GM’s onstar was honored in June 2008 in Detroit. Currently, there are at least 6 GM models that have Onstar as a standard feature like gmc trucks, and there is talk of adding it to others.


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