Not everyone would like to be an entrepreneur. Many people are very much satisfied their life goes on and they are prepared to take up the things as they come. They do not display any specific characteristics of the entrepreneur. On other hand, there are others who are very enthusiastic, throbbing with the ideas and continuously look at the ways and the opportunities and also means of doing things quite different than the normal people. In other words they can display a characteristic of the typical entrepreneur which makes them stand out from rest. They would like to execute their ideas effectively. Likewise, chip wilson is a person who would like to establish his idea to start a new business. And now he is succeeded in his idea and presently he is the founder of Lululemon athletica and the hold it all Inc. he is not only an entrepreneur, but also the business leader, and the technical apparel and the retail visionary.

As the founder, the largest individual shareholder and the biggest cheerleader of the lululemon, he is committed to support the management in order to realize the full value of the company and the potential. Through his elevate lululemon website. He is effectively maintaining the public awareness and identifying about the new opportunities which will positions the company for success for long time. To be successful in their life, the entrepreneur should have following characteristics. They are:

  • Should have the great self confidence
  • They should be very serious in their work and passionate in that.
  • Most important characteristic is leadership ability.
  • Self discipline is must.
  • Have ideas greater than what they can do.
  • They should be desire to learn and know about the latest technologies
  • Should have the time management skill
  • Should be courageous in what they are working

The people who displays all above characteristics of the entrepreneur, this means that they are having the potential of becoming the successful entrepreneur. If you think that you possess most of these characteristics go ahead and become a successful entrepreneur.



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