How Have Hiring Process Changed: Then and Now

The recruitment and selection process has been through drastic changes in last few years. With advancement in technology and social media, the hiring process has improved and has become easier in some parts and has got tougher on others. With advanced technology and improved social skills, new methods of hiring have come up like online job portals, online tests, Skype interviews, and much more.

But apart from these obvious and explicit changes, there are other subtle and implicit changes in talent acquisition now and a few years back.

Growth in Use of Technology

In all aspects of the process of recruitment and selection, now HR managers need technology. Candidates are available on online job portals or social networking platforms like LinkedIn, etc. they are screened on online test portals, they are interviewed online, they join and update documents online their certificates are verified online, i.e. the whole hiring process has adopted the technology.

These candidates can be screened through various tests like psychometric tests, aptitude tests, which help the recruiters in screening. These tests are online and provide easy administration and analysis of results which reduce the burden on recruiters. These assessment methods give reliable results and they are empirical in nature thus being easier to take decisions, such as earlier for assessment for business analyst recruiters would have had a tough time screening candidates with similar qualifications but with these tests, their skills and knowledge can be tested and it has become easier to take decisions.

Video CVS And Interviews

HR managers now get CVs as videos and that has somehow helped them to assess candidates more precisely. Even video interviewing has improved lately. Recruiters save a lot of money and time with the help of video interviewing. Now recruiters don’t need to fly down to places and spent time and money on travel and stay just for a few hours of interviews.

They also do not have the barrier of misconception as that in a phone call/ audio call. Now they can see and listen to candidates and judge them on all aspects as it would be in a personal meeting. For few jobs candidates can be assessed on a call but few jobs it isn’t possible at all, like an assessment for business analyst can be really tough on a call as the personality, body language, presence of mind such traits that are required for a job like this cannot be assessed on a call.

 And video interviews themselves have improved based on connectivity, availability, and quality since the time it started till now.

Expanded Reach

Earlier recruiters had very few sources to get candidates for a certain job profile. Thus it became tough for them to have a good number of job applicants, which led to situations where recruiters were talking to the same candidates repeatedly for a certain job vacancy, or even worse conditions where less qualified candidates got hired as there would be only a few options available.

But now the case is different. With social platforms like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and job portals like naukri.com, monster etc. recruiters are overwhelmed with a pool of candidates. And they also know which the candidates they have already talked to are and what is the standard supply for a certain job profile in the market.

Though this makes easier for recruiters to find the perfect candidate for a job role, yet it is a tough task to find a perfect candidate from a large pool of job applicants all similar in eligibility, qualifications, experience, etc.


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