Tips For Getting Started On Company Relocation

Relocating your company from the current premises to a new place can be mentally exhausting until the business stabilizes again. Whether the reason is because the premises itself is going to be broken down or some other reason, relocating a business is always a hard decision. For some companies, especially ones that are location-based due to their target market, the relocation can have disastrous effects that cannot be covered during the consecutive years. You will lose competition, your competition will change, your business activities will be totally disrupted and financial losses can be hard to bear. So, here are some ideas on going about the right track when it comes to relocating.

Conduct Awareness Campaigns

Before you call packing and moving companies and make people wildly speculate, send the message out quickly and repeatedly. It does not depend on the size of the business or the media of the business. Whether virtual or realistically placed, a change of location of the business needs to be alerted to customers and clients. They are your bread and butter (figuratively) and therefore, you need to keep them in the loop. You should use both printed media like newsletter, newspaper advertisement and posters as well as digital media like email newsletters, notices on the social media sites and official site. You can even use the social media to keep your fans updated on the relocate and post the status of the relocation process as it happens.


Update all the required fields


As you are booking the packing and moving companies, update all the places (virtual and actual) that you use the address on. Your signature on social media and official website address as well as the Google place mark would all have to be updated accordingly. Sometimes, if you will be relocating in a few months’ time or so, do not change your address immediately since customers can get confused when they try to contact you.


Have your communication chains established well and proper


Your suppliers, buyers and all others who are connected in the supply chains must be alerted months ahead. You will have to keep checking on them every few weeks and frequently when the relocation date is nearby. If you have to get new services when you are relocating then double check that everything is ready for you to move and start operations.

Utility companies must be alerted and your lines should be setup by the time you get there. If there are services lacking, then go for alternatives like Google voice for phone lines and solar power for electricity.


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