What should you do before applying for an international university?

Receiving higher education is hugely popular. There is a reason why. Higher education enables students to receive knowledge in the field which they desire to find employment in when they become an adult. The knowledge given is specialized for that field thus they would learn and be equipped with all the information they need to begin their career.

Universities provide a higher education in many countries. They have qualified lecturers and are well equipped to teach. Furthermore most of them would accept students from other countries thus giving them the opportunity to pursue high quality education. Due to the fact that there are many students who apply for admission, Universities would select students based on how attractive their CV is and how much benefit the student would bring to the university. The latter is not based on monetary benefits. Universities search for students who would do well academically and will be able to reach great heights with the right push from the university. Therefore many students stand to have their applications rejected.

So what should you do to ensure that you have a shot at getting into the University of your Choice?


Ensure the education you receive is internationally certified or acknowledged.

This might not be in your control if you are applying for a university after graduating from high school or secondary school; however in case you are still studying you can make this change if you want to.

When the education you receive is internationally certified, universities would be able to assess your education better. They would know what kind of an education you were given and what was the syllabus administered. Thus they would be able to assess you better.

Thus if you or our family members are still studying in school, you can choose to change the school to either internationally approved Secondary Schools, international baccalaureate schools or any other schools that are certified by international educational boards.

However if you are unable to study in internationally approved Secondary Schools, international baccalaureate schools in Hong kong, etc., then you should at least complete an internationally certified exam as this would also allow the university to assess you better.

Gain experience.

If you have completed workshops, be employed in a company that your intended field of study is related to, you would become more attractive as a student for the university. It shows that you are genuinely interested in the field of study and are taking it seriously. Thus universities would be assured that you would be dedicated to your studies and would take the necessary steps to achieve success.

If you cannot do the above, then at least make sure to volunteer in organizations. This would indicate that you wish to help the community and thus would make you more attractive to universities.

Therefore take note of the tips given above as if implemented it would make the process of gaining admittance into the University of your Choice easier and ensure that you could get the job of your dreams.


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