Big Online Voting Has Started With Positive Note

Big boss season 1 which was hosted by noted film actor Kamal Haasaon was screened in Vijay TV few months back was an international hit and got wonderful viewership reviews and ratings from various corner. Kamal had tough time filtering the best participants in the last season since there was a tough competition between the last few contests. Ultimately the public votes favored Aarav, Ganesh Venkatraman, Harish Kalyan and Snehan. The winner of the first season was Aarav and followed by runner-up who was none other than Snehan who captivated audience hearts with his wonderful presence. The third prize went to Harish kalian and the fourth prize went to Ganesh venkatraman who always have a smiling face. Presently, big boss season 2 is gaining maximum popularity and millions of viewers are casting their votes for their favorite contestants. There were around seventeen participants when this show was started with a bang on Vijay TV few weeks back which has now reduced to bare minimum.

Some of the famous television and film personalities who contested in this show exited after competing relentlessly for few weeks. Some of the popular figures who exited from the season 2 are mamathi, ponnambalam and ananthvaidyanathan. Mahat and Balaji are fighting it out in the show and none can guess their future status. This program which is creating positive vibes is entering eleventh week and people who are watching this program right from the beginning are waiting for the next round with their fingers crossed. Visitors who are planning to vote for their favorite contestants can jot down the mobile numbers that are listed on this site and case their vote immediately to one of their favorite stars. Visitors who explore this site will get brief biography of all the famous contestants who participated in this season 2.

Select One Of The Favorite Contestants And Cast The Vote

Viewers who are sitting in front of the TV screens can dial the mobile number and give missed call immediately. It is worth to note that bigg boss tamil vote is going on briskly and visitors can select the right contestant through this site. Contestants are battling it out with their competitors to stay ahead in the competition. Both youngsters and adults are anxiously watching the outcome of the program and waiting eagerly for the last set of contestants. Visitors can decide the fate of the contestants by voting here. Hot lines are waiting eagerly for votes and people can give missed calls immediately and select their close-to-heart contestant.

Visitors Can Cast Their Vote At Any Point Of Time

Oviya who participated in the first season stole viewers’ heart and she was declared as people’s winner. Men and women should do exploratory works before casting their votes here.  Voting wrongly may lead to disastrous after effects and visitors should show caution while filtering and selecting the best contestant. Mahat Raghavendra who was living inside the rooms was shown exit doors since he did not behave properly with others and had bad temper during last few weeks. Many feel that Kamal took right decision of showing exit doors to Mahat since he did not cooperate well with other contestants. He was a popular figure and thousands of viewers felt that he will be the winner. His sudden exit from the show has come as shock to the audience. TV viewers can expect few more exits in the upcoming weeks. Only few contestants are there in this show namely Balaji, Daniel and Jananiand few more and there will be fierce competitions between them which will be interesting to watch in the upcoming weeks. Kamal who successfully hosted big boss 1 is hosting this show and waiting for the final outcome with fingers crossed.

Vijayalakshmi who entered the house in wildcard round is building wonderful relationship with other contestants and teaming up with them nicely. Sendrayan is nominated as house captain since mahat who was supposed to be the captain exited from the show. People who are desirous to vote for their favorite contestants should click the check box which is next to the names of their favorite contestants. Millions of the people choose this site since it is considered as safe and secured website. Fate of the last few contestants are now in the hands of the public and this is the perfect time to vote through this site. People who use this site for casting vote will not face technical glitches or problems and they can easily vote instantly. Explore the gallery, images, arts and blogs before taking the next course of action. This season 2 who was commenced on 17 June 2018 will be aired for 105 days during night times and visitors can check the show timing in the official websites of Vijay TV. Punishments, competitions between teammates and other quizzes are created in a humorous manner.


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