Good News For Momos Lovers –Enjoy Variety

This mouth-watering dish Momos had its origin in Tibet. Gradually this amazing dish, spread all over the neighbouring countries and has become one of the most liked fast food item. Momo is a type of dumpling that is steamed with some form of filling. It has a very beautiful texture and size. When served in a plate gives an amazing presentation. It is always served with some type of chutneys that makes it complete.

As it travelled to many states and countries, it was given different types of form without changing its original shape and form. You can check Memos recipes in Hindi on the web .Here are some irresistible types of momo;

  1. Fried Momos:

These momos are filled with sautéed vegetables and are seasoned with pepper. They taste best with mayonnaise and or hot chilli garlic sauce. As they are deep fried, they give a perfect crunch in every bite.

  1. Steamed Momos:

This is the simplest form of momos. They are always served hot and have a juicy filling of soy chunks, paneer and vegetables. They have a thick wrapping with a half-moon shape. Steamed momos are best liked with cool mint chutney and or fiery chilli sauce.

  1. Tandoori Momos:

Giving momos a tandoori twist is really blessing to all foodies. They have a splendid taste and a rich texture that will make you its fan. It can be made both out of veg and non-veg.

  1. Wheat Momos:

Here is the best option for health conscious people. You too can treat with wheat momos as it is made out of wheat covering with your favourite combinations of vegetables. They are perfect with chilli sauce.

  1. Soup Momos:

Momos are amazing with a bowl of hot soup. They are the best evening snack. This genius recipe is prepared with spicy and tangy vegetables, chicken broth and hot momos are added to it to increase the flavour. It can be completely made with personnel choice of vegetables and soup.

  1. Kothe Momos:

This is one of the Himalayan foods which are very tasty and healthy too. These are pan fried momos filled with vegetables and fried ginger isthe key ingredient.

  1. Chilly Momos:

It is a perfect momo taste for spicy lovers. The momos are prepared with spring onions, sliced green chillies, bell peppers and scallions. The sauce spread over is made of soy sauce, chilli sauce and ketchup.

  1. Cheese Momos:

This is the favourite of all momo lovers. It is a combination of creamy cheese and soft, steamy momos. Cheese momos have a filling of baby carrots, onions and crispy potatoes with hot melting cheese.

  1. Chocolate Momos:

It is very strange to hear, but equally irresistible. The salty flavour of the wrap and sweetness of the chocolate cannot stop you from eating.

  1. Paneer Momos:

Paneer momos are easily available and it is the king of all momos types. They are filled with fresh crushed paneer with or without any vegetables.

  1. Keema Momos:

Keema stands at the top for all non-vegetarians. These have a filling of marinated and cooked meat, shallow fried peas and pepper corn.



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