4 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Event

Now that winter is drawing to a close, many organizations are beginning to put in place preparations for various outdoor events that they plan to hold in the spring and summer months. And why not? Hosting outdoor events is a wonderful way of bringing people together, and often it is far easier, and cheaper, to secure a large outdoor space than an indoor one. Not only can larger numbers of people congregate in an outdoor space, but it is also easier to prepare food (who doesn’t love a good grill?!).

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When the weather is nice outside, and people are gathered together with the intention of bonding and socializing, then it puts them in an excellent mood. Outdoor events are a fantastic opportunity for your business to stage an event that won’t be soon forgotten. Here are five tips for ensuring that any outdoor events you plan go off without a hitch and resonate as strongly as possible with your customers.

Make Sure Your Event is Suitable for Outdoors

This might seem like an obvious tip, but many businesses fall into the trap of hosting an outdoor event just for the sake of it. In doing so, they end up trying to force what should be an indoor event into an outdoor space and the result is just confusing. If, for example, you’re hosting a conference where you’re hoping that professionals will address one another and discuss what each has to say then clearly, a conference hall is a better option than an open, outdoor space.

Find a Suitable venue (and Secure the Permits)

Once you have ascertained that the event you want to host is suitable for an outdoor setting, your next challenge will be to identify a suitable venue. In choosing a venue you need to consider a number of factors. First of all, you need to ensure that the venues will be able to cope with the number of attendees that you are expecting; having to turn people away because you have failed to secure a large enough venue would be a PR disaster!

Plan for all Weather

Weather is unpredictable. Sure, the forecasters employ an impressive amount of science, and the accuracy with which we can predict something as complex as the weather is definitely impressive, but it is by no means perfect. When running an event outside, you are entirely at the mercy of the weather, so it is important to make sure that you have a contingency plan in place should the weather not be in your favor.

Make Sure Your Guests are Comfortable

Being outdoors is usually a great experience, but it can also easily be a deeply uncomfortable one. Anyone who has ever been to a multi-day music festival will be able to testify as to just how unpleasant being outside can be, especially when the facilities are inadequate. Check out On Site Companies to manage your porta potty needs.

Hosting an outdoor event can be an excellent way to attract attendees to your business, but you need to make sure that you take the time to plan and prepare beforehand.


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