Cosmological Fallacies Driving the Well Established Beliefs to Sheer Nothing

The cosmological studies have always been one of the most interesting branches of science with the diverse aspects and multiple concerns to be focused at the same time. Over the years there have been several theories proved, and numbers of beliefs have been discarded. But one particular event that has always been the centre of attraction for the cosmological studies is the Big Bang theory. With multiple assertive sections, and several points of discussion, it has always won the heart of the cosmologists.

Experts in the similar filed like Ram Chary and his companions have always enjoyed the debate that has been centered around the single question, whether the Big Bang Theory ever had any existence in the history of the Universe, or is it a mere assumption to match certain equations and make things simple. If it happened at all, what is the source of such a theory? Are the doubts like Big Bang is an occurrence of something from nothing valid? While finding answers to multiple such question researches and studies have shown that there are several fallacies that center on the Big bang Theory and the formation of the Universe. Let’s take on few of such fallacies.


Firstly, the origin of the Universe, according to the modern day cosmologists can be tracked down to a frame, where the time equals to zero and the space equals to zero. But unfortunately, the astronomers cannot see anything beyond the 380,000 years after occurrence of the Big Bang Event. According to them, it’s only then when the Universe could have cooled down to allow the atoms to exist and help the Universe become transparent to the electromagnetic waves to pass. The remnants of these are generally observed as the cosmic waves which are now cooled down at the temperature of 2.7 degree Kelvin.

The experts believe that it’s more like the Sun which at the center is opaque to the photons. It’s only when they’re able to bring themselves up to the solar surface where things are not just cool, but transparent enough to race into the space. For the people at large, there’s hardly any scope to observe any kind of electromagnetic radiation through the naked eye. But the astronomers, they can do so with the help of their equations, extrapolate them back to the tiny micro seconds after the Big Bang breaking down the equation to the minutest half.

At such a time frame, the Universe would have been so small that Quantum physics could rule over it completely. But, there are few factors that need to be considered. Since a cosmologist can theoretically extrapolate into a time frame which is 380,000 years after the Big Bang, doesn’t suffice that this theoretical representation is the mirror of what happened in real time frame. There has been and is the lack of observational evidence to accept it as the actual representation of reality.

Such discussions and controversies have been the mother of research works that are still going on in the field of cosmology. Ram Chary has almost devoted his entire life hunting for such truths which are hard to accept. It is the urge of knowledge that drills these men to go for more knowledge.


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