How is yeti butting different from ice bucket challenge?

Yeti is a Texas based cooler manufacturing company that makes box type coolers to preserve the food at refrigerated form. The hot girls are snapped covering the rear side when sitting on the cooler. It is uploaded in social websites like Instagram that helps connecting a small group of people who is befriended in online and comments are posted. Now this one makes the girls more attracted in that group. There are different types of procedures to be followed to make it precisely. For reference you are free to google what is yeti butting that gets you know the trend in detail.

what is yeti butting

Ice bucket challenge is more over having a bath with bucket full of iced waters. It is got popular because the celebrities around the world participated. Here one participant challenges the rival with a video tapped and posted in online social websites. The challenged person has to complete the challenge in 24 hours and the video to be posted and he is eligible to challenge. This was fun among the celebrities. This is started in western countries and travelled through Europe and Asian countries. Doctors advised with health issues. People with blood pressure problem may go unconscious because of the iced water poured directly on the head. This had a motto behind the challenge. To create awareness about a disease named amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also called motor neurone disease. Every participant donated few dollars and that summed up to few millions to support the human life. Part of the donation was spent for the research to encounter the disease with right drugs.

This yeti butting trend has no similar reasons though it is not made for awareness but for popularity. The ice bucket challenge was much meaningful. This kind of trend was started earlier to collect fund for orphans and other social activities. The worst side of this trend is people started posing nude that is against the culture. The college girls actually dressed in bikini that makes look sexier in the picture. There goes the argument who is the sexiest girl? This comparison put many girls side to the road. Only the hottest girl in bikini get the chance of their picture advertised in stickers of some companies. The rating based on the likes and shares is not advised. This article assists you get detail understanding of what is yeti butting.


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