Nowadays, people have been doing cryotherapy. What is cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is a therapy by using ice or liquid nitrogen sprayed into certain areas so that blood circulation will run into the area and can reduce pain. Seen from the meaning, cryotherapy is a therapy that uses ice or liquid nitrogen. This means that the therapy is painless. Is cryotherapy only for people who have pain? Certainly not! Because cryotherapy can also be used for beauty that is by using CryoFacial. The use of cryo to treat facial is very effective and safe. This therapy was originally made in Japan in 1978 and later developed in Europe. The purpose of CryoFacial is to smooth the blood circulation in the face and make the face feel fresh again. You can do this therapy at Advanced Cryo NYC. For more details, please click https://www.advancedcryonyc.com/health-and-wellness-cryo- facial.

Usage Of Cryo For Facial Treatment

CryoFacial is an alternative for women who want a fresh and healthy face. This therapy has been done by the world’s top models before they walk in the runway. They prefer CryoFacial because it is safe, fast, and gives its own satisfaction. Then, how is this CryoFacial technique? The method of therapy fromĀ  CryoFacial is indeed like freezing in general. This therapy is done within 8 minutes and your face will be sprayed with frozen air. However, you do not worry about frostbite that can damage your face because of freezing air and very cold temperatures. The cryotherapist is very experienced in doing this therapy, so they will wave the frozen air around the circle so it is not in one place long enough to cause damage. In research says that cryotherapy can stimulate the formation of collagen and make your face becomes more subtle. More can be found at https://www.advancedcryonyc.com/health-and-wellness-cryo- facial. In a CryoFacial therapy session, a clinician will use a controlled small nitrogen flow vapor to rapidly lower the surface temperature of the skin, stimulating skin that can healing and make you look younger. This liquid nitrogen will work by naturally constricting your blood vessels during treatment. Rapid narrowing and dilation of these blood vessels can release toxins quickly, improve circulation and relieve inflammation.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cryo For Facial Treatment?

CryoFacial is very popular with women and they provide tremendous benefits for your face. You can do this CryoFacial in Advanced Cryo NYC. Then, what are the benefits of CryoFacial?

  • Spraying with subzero air can help exfoliate the skin. This removes the layer of dead skin cells and stimulates the new skin cells beneath it to grow in a smoother and smoother distribution.
  • The skin will look smoother, especially if you have a pale face.
  • Helps skin regeneration, makes skin glow, and can wipe out small wrinkles
  • Reduces inflammation, is effective in treating acne and eczema, and can reduce swelling and dark circles.
  • Restores a reddish glow to the skin and reduces swelling in areas of the face that look slightly swollen.


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