Understanding more about cervical cancer

Cervical cancer as the name suggests is termed as cancer of the uterus. The lower portion of the womb is known as cervix. The area of the birth canal works out to be the most dangerous place where cancer can strike you. You could go on to name it as the place of transformation zone. This is a form of cancer that goes on to develop when the abnormal cells of the cervix develop. They simply get out of control and you would find them growing at a rampant pace. It bypasses the wall of the uterus and then passes through the blood stream to the various parts of the human body. There are some symptoms of cervical cancer that are as follows

  • Abnormal bleeding- women who are suffering from cervical cancer may experience heavy amount of bleeding. It could be in the form of heavy or light bleeding during the month
  • Vaginal discharge- if the vaginal discharge is at a higher level then also it is a symptom of cervical cancer. It is going to smell bad and contains mucus. Though it may vary from one woman to another. Hence it is always better to consult your doctor if such a situation arises in the first place.
  • Pelvic pain-You cannot relate this form of pain to the normal menstrual cycle. This could point to a symptom of cervical cancer as well. It could be mild, severe and at the same time go on to last for several hours at a stretch.
  • Pain while urinating- any pain during urination could be a symptom of advanced form of cancer as well. This is a form of cancer that does occur when it has spread over to the bladder.
  • If you are bleeding after sex this could also point to the occurrence of cervical cancer as well.

Till date you can confer the fact that the exact cause of cervical cancer is not known. One thing is for sure there is a strong association between cervical cancer and HPV virus. In the midst of all this there are various types of HPV virus. Genital warts happen to be the most common out of them. But this is not going to cause cervical cancer in any way. The HPV virus passes from one person to another in the form of sexual contact. There could be high risk HPVs that are likely to make a lot of changes in the cervix. In due course of time there are going to become cancer prone. But most women who suffer from HPV do not have cervical cancer. Here you would need to evaluate the other factors as well.

As far as cervical cancer treatment in India is concerned the Pap test works out to be the standard procedure. Here the cancer should not have gone to spread to other parts of the body. In this regard the doctor is going to perform a series of tests in order to verify the same. This process goes by the name of staging.


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