Are Winstrol Injections HARMFUL [Side Effects Report]

One must understand everything line actual results, what to expect and side effects when it comes to buying injectable winstrol or any anabolic androgenic steroids. Winstrol is used as a brand name for anabolic androgenic steroid which is of veterinary grade. Either in oral or tablet form it is called as winstrol.

How it works:

Today both men and women use winstrol injections that are in athletic and bodybuilding world. Based on how it is used, injectable form of Winstrol produce either muscle gains or lean muscle mass. When it comes to enhancing strength, growth, and muscle mass winstrol injections are usually used in combination with other steroids.

Based on the manufacturer, drugs are called by different names. It also depends on the country of origin as well.But when it comes to without prescription usage of steroids, winstrol injection is the most popular in the field of track and field, bodybuilding and athletes. But one thing to remember is winstrol comes with comparatively short half life. Many other steroids are usually dissolved in oil but winstrol is dissolved in water. This is the reason behind its shorter effects compared to other steroids.

Winstrol Injection Dosage:

50 mg per ml is the common dosage for winstrol injections. Majority of the bodybuilding forums recommend that winstrol injections are taken every other day. But few of them also recommend that it can be used every day.

One more thing to remember is even though winstrol injections are really potent like many other steroids; it cannot work all by itself. This is first thing to keep in mind. It must be accompanied by balanced exercise routines and diet to get the expected results.

Side Effects Associated With Winstrol:

It is always suggested that steroids must be started with lowest possible dose to avoid the possible side effects. This is true with winstrol as well. Irrespective of the potency of the steroids either it is potent or mild this rule must be followed.

The reactions by individuals for steroid injections cannot be same. Each and every person react differently. Even though compare to other steroids winstrol is considered mild, even this can result in negative effects if not used properly.

Number of body functions, organs, and systems can be affected due to the use of winstrol for example cardiovascular system. Cognitive heart failure can occur due to the fluid retention. In women winstrol can result in virilization. They may also experience increased facial hair, body hair, menstrual irregularities, nonreversible clitoromegaly, and many other abnormalities. Changes in libido may be experienced both by men and women.

Liver dysfunction is the other adverse effect caused due to the usage of anabolic androgenic steroid. In worst case user may also experience liver damage.  They can also result in affecting the multiple organ functions and metabolism in the body.

Bodybuilders and athletes inject the injections of the anabolic androgenic steroids into different parts of their body. But winstrol must be used as intramuscular injection. Compared to small muscle group it is better to choose larger muscle group.


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