Does refusing vitamin K vaccines for a new born baby find base

Doctors are witnessing a trends of parents refusing vitamin K for new born. This is pretty stage but one of the reasons for refusal of New born vitamin Kis internal bleeding in the intestines or brains of babies.

Vitamin is an essential nutrient that aids the body in the formation of blood clot. It is incorporated in the digestive systems, in older children and adults, but not in the case of infants. The sad bad is that breast milk is not sufficient to provide vitamin K to eradicate possible form of vitamin Deficiencies. It is not only brain bleeding, but infants with vitamin K deficiency tend to have blood clots in their stool as well. To keep the baby’s health, it is a routine norm in countries like the United States where a baby is injected with vitamin K dose shortly after they are born.

In the case of adult’s vitamin K is obtained from various sources of food. This is mainly green leafy vegetables, but on the other hand babies tend to have small amounts of vitamin K in their bodies as a minimum amount of it pass through the placenta. Coupled with the fact that the bacteria which produce the vitamin in the intestine of the baby is not there. Breast milk is known to contain only two levels of vitamin K.

The logic which parents generally provide on their refusal to administer vitamin K injections is that there was a strong correlation between leukaemia and vitamin K shot. But in several follow up studies this fact had defied all logic. Simply if you are refusing the shot, you are playing with the life of your child.

In most cases there are no warning signs before a life threatening bleeding can occur. Infants who are devoid of vitamin K at the time of birth may develop the following symptoms

  • Pallor and Jaundice
  • Irritation or any form of disabilities.
  • Epistaxis
  • Bruising

As a parent you would always prefer to have a natural birth experience on all counts. The best way to have a healthy baby is to ask the doctor a plethora of questions and find legitimate answers to that. If you are refusing a vaccine, first find out the benefits and consequences of it. Then make a decision on what you know and what the other parents are doing.

To conclude a shot of vitamin K is nontoxic, safe and will ensure that your baby is protected from bleeding for the first 6 months. Yes, the chances of your baby having bleeding in the region of brain and elsewhere is pretty less and if you choose to not provide an injection of vitamin K, then why take a risk in the first place.

So make it a point that your new born does get a dose of vitamin K at the time of birth. On all counts it is considered to be a safe form of injection, though people may have varied opinion about it.


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