Myths and facts about caul birth

The caul or cowl as it is spelt is a Latin word – it essentially means the portion of membrane which covers the head and face of the newborn. The caul occurs very rarely – one can say that it happens to 1 in 80,000 births. There have been various myths about the caul – but this is immediately removed soon after the birth by the doctor or midwives whatever the case maybe. This membrane can be easily removed and there is no harm to the baby. In the olden times the caul was considered as a sign of luck. In most of the cultures across the globe the caul is supposed to be a lucky charm. There have been various fascinating stories and myths about caul birth.

During the Roman times it was believed that En Caul Baby Birth was very lucky. The midwives or the doctors who used to attend them – stole away the caul. This caul was then sold at a high price to the lawyers. The lawyers at that time staunchly believed that this would bring them good luck. They would win most of the cases. This same superstition used to be followed in England, Denmark and Iceland. There are cultures across the world where it is said that if a medicine containing the caul is given to a patient it can cure malaria and other epidemic diseases. The people from country of Dalmatia believed that if the caul is placed under the bed of a dying person – the process is much easier. The people of Belgium believe that if the caul is buried in a field it would bring lifelong luck to the child. The miners would carry the caul in order to protect themselves from fire and other natural calamities.

The caul birth myths has emerged many myths – among them the doctors themselves have accepted that such veiled babies are a boon for their parents. They are supposed to be very special since they are born veiled. In Africa and many other countries the parents preserve the caul in a special chemical. In case they need to dispose it they either bury it or burn it. In Europe according to the old traditions the caul was bought at high prices by the sailors. They considered the caul as a lucky charm – it is believed that the caul used to protect their ship from drowning and other calamities in the sea. The mothers used to sell the caul at exorbitant prices.

When you look at the history Napoleon Bonaparte is supposed to be born with a caul. The child born with the amazing caul is called as Caulbearer. Though this is very rare – one need not worry as this can be easily removed by the doctors or the midwives. They should be removed by the trained midwives so that it does not injure the child.

The fact is that the caul births occur in case of premature births. One has to take care that the baby is removed out of the caul very carefully.


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