Powerful guide to explore about the co occurring or dual disorders

According to the report of the Substance abuse and mental health service administration, nearly 17.5 million Americans at their teenage have had a serious mental health disorder in the past year. This shows that most of the people are now struggling with the co occurring drug or the alcohol dependency. Actually, the co occurring disorders can affect a person with the substance abuse along with the mental health disorders.

Different forms of illnesses attack the people

The Co occurring disorder may affect the person in different forms of the illnesses and they are mentioned as follows.

  • Acute stress disorder – It is a kind of newly formed anxiety which results from the up to date distressing incident.
  • Agoraphobia – In this case, an individual gets affected and fear of the swarming place or the crowded areas.
  • Panic disorder – It often results in the devastating attacks
  • Social phobia – The person may get an extreme level of fear about the public embarrassment
  • Obsessive – In some cases, the compulsive mind may change their mind to become fearful.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder – It affects nearly 7 million adults to get overwhelming effects

The continuous intake of the substances or the supplements may cause you a large number of problems and issues in your body. So, you should have an idea of the symptoms of the substance abuse and they are mentioned as follows.

  • Inability to control the obligations at your work and home
  • Continuous usage of the drugs may make you become physically hazardous
  • Inability to stop taking the drugs or cutting down the use
  • Avoiding to participate in the social activities, family functions due to the reason of substance abuse
  • Spending vast of your time in searching for the drug choice
  • Repeated intake of the substances may also hide your behavior and change it entirely

These are the most common symptoms that you may fact at the time of getting affected by the co-occurring disorders. As soon as you have experienced such signs in your behavior and health condition, you should find the immediate treatment to get over it.



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