What is the right dosage for taking Anavar for maintaining best physique?

It’s not easy for anyone to determine the perfect Anavar dosage. This factor gets critical if you are looking to maintain your physique. You have to keep in mind that many factors may affect the results including the best time to take Anavar pills.

Effects may also vary from one individual to another, depending on other factors. Even if you are following the same dose cycle, you might get to see different results. Personalization can be one of the factors that may offer with different results. It depends on the types of supplements you are using it along with.

You can get different results when using with anabolic type as compared to androgenic type. It’s important to perform your best research and then get started with deciding your cycle. It’s also important to work out the total dosage your body needs.

In this article, we shall provide you with few important basics related to dosage. These may vary for both men and women.

Dosage for Men

This dosage is best for men at the time of cutting phase. Oxandrolone is one hormone that will add mass to your body. This hormone is not much effective if you are using it to help produce bulk in mass. Even if you consume a very high dose it will only help in adding a little small amount of mass.

This may not be an ideal choice if you are thinking of implementing bulk cycle. Besides, it can also be an expensive choice as compared to all other steroids available. So, men who are aware of best time to take Anavar pills will know that they have made the best choice for their cutting cycle.

So if you are looking for gaining weight then you can include the dosage of 50 mg on daily basis. This dosage will offer the best result but maybe a little bit expensive.

Dosage for women

For men, Anavar may not help in bulk building. As women are more sensitive, so it is certain that they may prefer steroid that is mild by nature and effect. This steroid may be effective for women during the dieting stage.

You can also try and supplement it with another hormone to get effective results. For women, it is ideal to take only 10 mg on daily basis as dosage. There are many women who try and consume high dosage. In that case, you may not get the preferred results. Just increasing the dosage does not mean that you will get better results.

In case you notice that you are not getting best results by taking 10 mg daily, then it will start offering declining results in later stages.


Benefits for both men and women may vary or be the same. This factor again depends on the supplement combined.

  • It will help in maintaining best muscle strength.
  • It will prove helpful in regenerating body tissue.
  • It can offer you with the best physique.
  • It will enhance your body metabolic rate.


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