Descending in to the darkness

Mining is considered to be one of the most dangerous works that any person can do. But it is somewhat interesting and adventurous. Many miners are tough men who are used to rough conditions. But however much tough you are the hours spent underground is never easy. You need to be mentally very strong to stay weeks and weeks underground without seeing daylight. Some men use singing as a method to keep them merry. This technique makes them feel happy since the whole team gets together and sings. Working in mines has proven to bring many health conditions that have brought concern among the authorities which has made increase monitoring of the miners and the mining activities.

Risks associated with mining

There are many risks involved in mining. Most are accidents and health risks. Accidents can be categorized as cave-ins, flooding, gas explosion, chemical leakage and electrocution. Health risks can be categorized as dust, radon, welding fumes, mercury, noise and heavy loads. These risks can lead to loss of life or invalidity for the rest of the life. There are many stories of miners falling depressed due to stress of working in mines for long hours and long weeks of no proper socializing.


Securing the miners

It is essential to provide the miners with protective clothing and gear. Every miner will have to follow the rules and regulations in their clothing since the atmosphere underground can be very different to the outside world. Moreover working around stones and caves there are possibilities of stones falling on the head or hard heart falling on the head. mining cap lights equipment is an essential gear in save guarding the head.

Furthermore cordless cap lamp mining equipment provides individual miners with proper lighting inside the caves since the lighting is bad.           Miner’s apron is anther gear which serves a large protection for the miner internally and externally. There are many other gears which are used for mining work such as knee pads, their side bags to keep their tools etc. Mining tools which are used for mining work are hammer, chisels, wedges, picks, hoes, shovels, crowbar and their pikes.

Why mining?

Mining has many benefits even though people risk their lives to get these minerals. These minerals are used in steel and cement which are vital for construction and manufacturing. Moreover electricity generation through coal has become a need for people. Without electricity life will not go one since the whole day to day tasks of people are evolved around electricity. Therefore mining for minerals is essential for the human race.


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