How To Create Your Own Vertical Garden

The biggest problem of those living in the city is the problem of space. There is very limited amount of space available to do anything. Especially for those interested in gardening, living in the city will be a burden as gardening is nearly impossible especially when living in a flat or an apartment. The concept of vertical gardening has been developed just for those individuals living in the city who have very limited horizontal space to occupy, see this serviced suite for rent. This article provides a set of instructions and methods of how to create your very own vertical garden and make that unattractive wall at home look better or give a green touch to your dull apartment.

The wall

The first step in creating a vertical garden is to pick a wall. The plant types that you use depend on the type of the wall you select and the amount of sunlight it receives. The strength of the wall matters if you decide to plant trees. Most large furnished serviced apartment complexes are now moving on the concept of vertical gardening in their walls. However if you’re doing it by yourself you need to select a wall that receives ample sunlight and one that will provide the best growing conditions to your plants.

The frame

The next step is to create a frame with plastic sheeting and a fabric as the base for the plants. Professionals in the subject advice not to use metal or wood frames as they could be a lot heavier and would be difficult to remove when needed. Steel, plastic or fiber will be good options. The plastic sheet that is attached to the frame will keep the water draining into the wall and damaging the wall and the fabric laid on top of the plastic sheet will act as the base for the plants to grow. You could use cotton padding or any type of fabric will be okay as long as it could retain water for the plants.


Irrigation system

You need to keep the moisture of the fabric to keep the plants alive. For this you need to have a very good irrigation system that can support the continuous supply of water to the fabric layer of your vertical garden. These can be bought or if your furnished serviced apartment supports the concept of vertical gardening they may provide these facilities to you.

Selecting and inserting plants

As for any garden, consider weather conditions as well as the sunlight received by the wall that you selected and choose the plants for your vertical garden. Make a small cut in the outer fabric of the frame that you made and fill it with soil that is suitable for the growth of the plant and insert the roots of the plant to the opening in the fabric making sure not to damage any. Once these basic steps are done you are ready to put up your vertical garden for everybody else to see and for your plants to grow.



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