Apartment hunting in Sri Lanka

If you find wondering to yourself about finding an apartment and settling down in Colombo (if you are down here for visiting visa and finding it hard to leave the country), then you might as well start as soon as possible as real estate goes faster than hot cakes in Colombo.

  • Short term stay

If you want to just stay for a couple of months or just a day or two in luxury as you travel past Colombo to other places in the country, then going for a luxury apartment like Monarch, Cinnamon Residence or other luxurious apartments that have a per-day rental basis would be easier for you. You can get your week’s old laundry done, eat at your own place if you do not want to go out and you can enjoy a killer view of the city.

  • For a longer stay

There are different types of apartments available in the city for folks who stay longer. From granny flats, to full apartment kits are available and prices depend on where in Colombo you want to stay; generally the closer to the urban Colombo it gets, the more expensive the place would be.

Usually the granny flats in Brisbane, a.k.a mother-in-law flats, are the most common type of apartments available if you are on a lower budget. In most cases you will have your own separate entrance and your own electricity bill and you will get the security of the family living in the main house as well.


If the budget constraints are not available for you, then you can go and rent an absolute gorgeous apartment in Colombo 07 and enjoy the benefits that naturally come when living in the middle of the city (food anywhere and everywhere, laundry just around the corner or free of charge in your own building, other facilities such as hospitals and recreational centers). If you do not want the Colombo 07 area (too much traffic maybe) then you can go for one of the other luxury places available in areas such as Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, Rajagiriya, and Colombo 05 and such.

If you do not want an apartment and would rather have a house for your own, then you can buy real estate through an agent or try your hand at online sites. Usually when you buy with furniture then the prices are higher, and the furniture-less houses are much cheaper. You can always buy furniture from expats and your local friends if it comes down to that, and cheaper too. If you wish to start small and get a modular home instead, you can continue reading here for information that you need to know.

It can be frustrating to negotiate prices sometimes, but keep at it and you will find your dream home in the tropics.



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