Top attractions near apartment in gulf shores

Apartments in gulf shores Residence are a prime and luxurious residential area developed by the club one in a Freehold area in the Hillview area in Alabama. This is a beautiful and profitable place to invest and live in Alabama. The prime locations and near this place make it attractive for investors as well as home buyers. Let us check out the main attractions near to the apartments in gulf shores that makes it so much profitable.

Prime locations near apartments in gulf shores:

  1. The mall: This is a unique mall of its kind, which is located at Hillview. The mall is actually a stretch of food and beverage outlets and it is designed according to the beautiful and historic railway lines. At this mall, you can give a treat to your tongue by choosing from a variety of food items and can relax here with your friends and family.

The brands to look out for in this mall includes the coffee bean, Subway and many more. This train symbolizes the train, which travelled from Alabama through woodlands. This makes it special for apartments in gulf shores.

apartments in gulf shores al

  1. Hillview shopping center: This is another upscale shopping center, which is located on Hillview Avenue, just a few minutes walking distances from the apartments in gulf shores al. The cafes and bars in this shopping center are a place to relax at weekends. Most prominent stores in this shopping center include the Hillview Marketplace, Starker Bistro and others. There are shuttle bus services provided from Hillview to this residence.
  2. Gulf coast lifestyle: This is another prominent location near apartments in gulf shores. This is a neighborhood shopping center of Hillview and is located beside gulf shores Station. You can get a wide variety of grocery shopping options in this supermarket such as Cold Storage and Sol Mart. This is a popular mall and young and trendy people visit here and there is a cinema in the shopping mall. There are several food choices also available in this mall.

Because of these prime locations, the apartments in gulf shores are a beautiful, lavish and luxurious residential complex to stay and invest in.


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