How to Choose the Best Award Plaques

Plaques, you must be quite familiar with this stuff. Yes, it is a kind of board commonly given to someone or a group as a award. It has various shapes and sizes. The shapes are often adapted from the symbols of the company and organization that gives the award. Besides, there is also the message or letter related to the award given. If your company or you may want to give a plaque to someone deserved, there are indeed some things to be considered. What are they?

The Sellers

There are sellers who already provide some examples of plaque. They only need to rewrite the message based on what has been ordered. Besides, the sellers can also provide customize services. It means that you can design your own plaque and ask them to make it for you. Make sure that the seller chosen has the second service; it is custom plaques. It is because not all the examples available meet your needs.

The Materials

It is also not less important. It is expected that the plaque will be long lasting. Therefore, the materials used must also be considered well. There are some materials commonly used for a plaque. They are known as wooden, plastic, glass, and brass plaques. Wooden plaques are often considered as less durable since it can be attacked by termites. It is not exactly like that anyway. As long as the wood is varnished well, such a thing will not be happened. However, if you want the most qualified ones, it seems brass plaques. Why? Brass is metal which tends to be stronger and not easily damaged.

Additional Requirement

It is still about adapting the plaques with theme events. It means that there are many other things to think about. One of them is related to the font. For formal events, using clear and easily readable fonts are more recommended. Meanwhile, if the event adapts such a classic theme, classic fonts look more necessary. For kids’ event, you may choose cute and even colorful fonts to attract them more. Another idea for personalized plaques is adding photos. Make sure that the service you choose is able to print out the photo over the plaques. The photo plaques are indeed more expensive but more valuable as well.

The Budgets

Don’t force yourself to buy an expensive plaque when the budgets are not enough. Plastic and wooden plaques are quite affordable yet durable. So, it is not bad to choose one of them.


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