Stunning Features of Rebotec Shower Chair

When purchasing a Rebotec shower chair it is vital to consider some important features:

  • Width and depth.
  • Ensure the correct measurements are picked in consideration to the hips and thighs.
  • This can be upright or at a slanting position. The height can be chosen after assessment.
  • Chair aperture.
  • Typically, shower chairs are utilized by individuals with spinal cord injuries. An opening an the bottom allows water to flow easily off the chair. Shower seats can likewise have a standard, more round opening, or a cushioned seat can be requested with no opening.
  • Armrests can be vertical or angled, allowing more space between the armrests to allow the best position to rest your arms or for a pressure lift.
  • Footrests are usually separate and can swing away for transfers. Footplates are usually individual and can flip up, or a one-piece footplate can be requested. They can be fitted with heel straps to prevent your feet from sliding back, providing the heel straps do not mark your skin.
  • Calf Strap.
  • A calf strap can be fitted if your feet are at risk from slipping backwards and getting caught in the front wheels. Fitting a calf strap may, however, make it more difficult to swing the footrests away.
  • Tilt in space.
  • There is a model that allows the whole shower chair to be tilted in space and this model is operated by a career only. For individuals who are unable to maintain their balance in an upright position, this type of shower chair may be appropriate. It is not usually possible to fit this model over the toilet.

Apart from the features, there are other issues to consider.

Weight capacity is one of the first things a customer should consider before choosing a shower chair. The various needs of the users can be accommodated with the shower chairs which are available in different sizes. You should consider the support size while choosing a shower chair as it an important factor.

Shower chairs are constructed from various materials. The plastic material is used to make some shower chairs and the other chairs are made of metal. The combination of different materials can be used to make the shower chairs. The customers should know the exact size of the bathroom for placing the shower chair. In this way, the customers can select the properĀ Rebotec shower chair size which can be used in their bathrooms.


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