4 Reasons You Should Connect to The Internet Via A VPN

We don’t always need to use a VPN to connect to the World Wide Web because most of the time we are just harmlessly browsing websites in search of information. On other occasions, we may want to hide our internet activity because we want to keep our searches private, and we don’t want that information being recorded as accessed from our own IP address.

  1. Browsing Websites You Don’t Want Anyone To See

There are times when we don’t want anyone to know about the websites we are visiting. It could be that you have a medical condition and you don’t want to worry anyone.

You might be searching for gifts for a special occasion and you know your tech-savvy partner will see the sites you have visited in your browsing history. You may also be placing a sneaky bet or two on a sports betting website and you don’t want any trace of the fact you visited these websites. Last, of all, some people like to watch xxx movies, and so they would prefer to connect via VPN software to do this. You can see some of the software available go you here: www.lesmeilleursvpn.com.

  1. Browsing The Internet Via Your Workplace Connection

One of the most common uses for VPN software use is at work. In countries where they still charge high rates for 3G and 4G connections, most people will connect to their WiFi router at work.

The one problem with this is that there is a chance that IT personnel could capture your browsing habits or there are websites that could be flagged by your company as inappropriate. This is because many work routers have restrictions on them. Some companies restrict access to social media between certain times of the day because they do not want their staff chatting or browsing Facebook or Instagram during work hours.

You can also install a VPN on your work computer to get around restrictions set by your company, but this would be entirely at your own risk. If you do not want to use the software on a work computer because it is easy for IT personnel to detect, then choose a VPN software provider that will also allow you to connect to VPN servers via your web browser.

  1. Connecting To The Internet On A Public WiFi System

It could be in an airport or a train station, the local bar you frequent or a restaurant WiFi that you are connecting to and you are worried about how private your connection is. Well if it is a public router you are connecting to, then your connection is not private at all. Many hackers will target these publicly used systems because it is easier for them to capture your IP address and packets flowing through the router.

Basically, the public internet router is a place that consolidates a handful of devices in one place. If a hacker can get into this router, then this is the perfect place to sniff out data packets that hackers can use fraudulently. Using a VPN to connect to internet banking or make any kind of purchases while connected to a public WiFi system is something you should make a habit of.

Hackers are more tech-savvy than ever before, and there are more of them than there were in the past. You can imagine that with technology always improving to work in favor of those that want to abuse it and with the increasing number of hackers, there is an increased risk of cyber crimes against you today. You should also be as tech-savvy as the hackers by using VPNs because without argument they are the best way to safeguard your personal information.

  1. Downloading Torrents

Torrent, believe it or not, are still very popular. Many people believe that they are dead and gone, but this is not true at all. University students use them for downloading books that are otherwise expensive to buy, and of course, a lot of other people use them for movie and music downloads. The way they manage to get their torrents without being detected is by using a private VPN software service. For further reading, we suggest checking out torrent9 torrent.

Of course, if you can afford to buy music and DVDs, then we recommend saving yourself the effort and going to the shop or ordering online or downloading. However, for those that are hard up, torrents are a great way to save money. The VPN and torrent software is cheap enough to save you a fair amount of cash.


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