Calculate Daily, Solve Time Management Issues

Efficiency in attendance is something that adds to financial growth and productivity. For that what most of the business firm relay is on professional and user-friendly time tracking software that is the really cost saving than doing it manually which requires employees. To get the exact worked hours minute by minute, second by second is indeed a great plus point for workers who are engaged on a particular task and also for managers to check it efficiently. Manual timesheets was and still is a mess and stress that results almost in inaccurate calculations an over or underpayment of money to employees. Hence the advent of such time tracking software have helped so much in the business field.

Why to waste time tabulating and calculating every employee’s attendance, worked hours, overtime, breaks and so on which really takes so much of effort and hard work when it is available just in one touch?

How does it work?

You can calculate the daily worked hours’ just clicking clock in and clock out. Decimal format sheets of everyday from Monday to Sunday will be available where you have to enter the starting time and ending time plus the tie taken as break hours. Just below that total hour column will be available upon clicking which will give you total number of worked hour on that particular day. If you want weekly calculation can be also done without any problem. It is very suitable if you are having large payrolls. Here it will be fully software based that transfer time worked by an employee into payroll software thus helping it from the burden of manual calculation and giving no chance for errors.

People are more interested now a days in daily wages than weekly or monthly, so the payment can be made according to the hours worked the day itself. No apparent interaction is needed as it is done automatically. Not just that tracking remote employees, report tracking, employee daily schedule everything can be carried out in same thing. So it is the best all in one solution for every business purposes that saves lot of our time plus money as it is completely free. It works on all internet connected devices which really is plus point because now a days everything is done with mobile phones and hence it should be mobile friendly. If you have any doubt regarding this 24l7 customer service is available or all your questions.


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