How does Facebook work and what things can I do with my personal profile

Facebook is useful for many things, not only to share moods or photos on the wall. Today we are going to discuss the usefulness of Facebook. So, read this article till the end to know what kinds of things you can do with Facebook. Visit this link for convertpanda.com – download fb video.

Add new friends

Through searches and suggestions that the network makes to each user, you can connect with people from the past with whom you had lost contact, such as your former university colleagues or neighbors of the past.

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Groups or communities of people with common interests can be created

These groups can be public, closed, or private. In a public group, everyone can see the publications and their members.

In a closed one, you can only see its members, but not the publications. Meanwhile, a private group will not even appear in the searches on the platform.

You can create pages

When you start creating them, they can be for the professional or promotional use and you can find them on the platform like:

    Company or brand.

    Community or public figure.

The pages have no user limit and they can be consulted statistics of the publications that are made, through Facebook Insights, where among other things, you can measure the scope, target audience or interactions of each of them.

Surveys can be created to ask questions of users

This functionality is very useful for business pages or events. Although it can also be used in groups or profiles.

Allows the creation of events

In them, you can put a date and time of the activity that is going to be done and invite people to estimate the attendance.

This functionality of the platform is very useful if you are organizing an event or congress since it will be seen by all your social community.

It is ideal for Networking

You can hang samples of the work you do and allow other users to share them. Facebook is perfect for viralizing audiovisual material, as well as your own content, in the case of having a WordPress blog, just like me.


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