Look at the top 5 features of UC Browser 10.7

There are few web applications out there among which UC Browser is the one that provides great features. Developed by UC web Inc. it’s the top most used mobile browser. It claims to have advertisement block services as well as data saving capabilities.

Here are the top features of UC Browser that make it a top browser.

In-App Widgets

It allows users to approach content on a new personalized homepage with a feature called in-app widgets. The browser has the power to show widgets on its homepage. It enables you to customize the websites for which you want to display headlines. This will allow you read headlines without opening any page or even without opening any particular website. This feature saves a lot of data and time as well.

Cloud Boost Technology

This feature allows the servers to give faster loading times for users. You can select to have it enabled for either web or mobile or both and when you need you can disable the same. On mobile networks, the advantages of cloud boost technology can be seen easily.

Download manager

It has an advanced unified download manager in which users can set a maximum of 6 simultaneous downloads. You will to specify the required folder and select whether you want to get notified before a download starts. You can also enable or disable the notifications for every download update or disable auto reconnect in case of poor networks.


UC Browser has a huge library of themes from which you can select a theme. By default, you will have access to two themes but there are other themes which are available online that you need to download. You can also change the text color and background separately. In addition, you can also create your own custom theme.

Night mode

This feature changes the entire appearance of the browser which makes it superior for your eyes. If you use your phone at night in your bed, this will definitely the best feature you will ever get. This will make your eyes feel more comfortable while browsing the browser. It changes the grey icons on a black background and black icons on a white background which minimizes the hard light.

The UC Browser is just like the other modern browser which is capable of running in an incognito browsing mode. By this browser, you will not require any third party applications to play videos online.


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